Monopoly - A Christmas Story Edition

Hasbro hasn't slowed down when it comes to designing special editions of its popular board game Monopoly. They've gotten into the Christmas spirit by rolling out Monopoly: A Christmas Story Edition. This new edition is perfect for the holiday season.

A Christmas Story is a movie that was made in 1983. It is a comedy based on short stories and has become a Christmas classic shown in marathons on television every Christmas season. Famous quotes such as "You'll shoot your eye out" and "I triple dog dare you" are well-known among movie buffs and casual movie watchers alike. Now you can test your knowledge of the movie and relive your favorite moments with the special edition Monopoly game.

Monopoly - A Christmas Story Edition

This edition of Monopoly boasts all the most memorable moments of the movie played out Monopoly style. You can choose from all new pieces to hold your place on the board. The pewter tokens are changed to objects from the movie that you're sure to remember from each classic scene. Pick your favorite scene to help you choose which token will help you win the game.

The famous leg lamp comes from the scene where Ralphie's father received a leg-shaped lamp that he won as a prize. There is a bar of soap with teeth marks in it for the time Ralphie was forced to wash his mouth out with soap. You can choose to be Ralphie in the bunny suit or Ralphie's glasses cracked from his precious BB gun. The game also includes his father's car with a Christmas tree tied to the roof and a crate marked 'fragile' which contained the leg lamp his father won.

Instead of buying Boardwalk or Railroads, you can buy mementos from the movie including Randie's snowsuit, a BB gun, Christmas tree lights, Christmas socks, mom's magazine, a bowling ball, a hubcap full of nuts, and other items. They start out small and build up higher in value all the way up to the infamous BB gun. Get the gun and you could win the game.

The money is printed with the faces of your favorite characters including Ralphie, the Old Man, mom, Randie, his two best friends Flick and Schwartz, and a Christmas elf. Of course, Ralphie is the $500 bill because he's the most memorable character of all.

The game board itself includes images from the most memorable scenes including Ralphie in his hat from the dream sequence, mom staring up at the leg lamp with disdain, Flick with a mouth full of gauze, Ralphie's smiling Old Man, and Ralphie holding up his bunny suit in disgust.

This edition of Monopoly is played just the same as the traditional game. You can still be sent to jail, and instead of picking up a chance card, you can pick a card for a Major Award. A 60 minute speed play option is also included. This way, if you want to play the Christmas themed Monopoly game on Christmas, you don't have to worry about wasting the whole day.

If you love the classic movie and remember all the best scenes and quotes, you'll have a lot of fun with 'A Christmas Story' Monopoly. It's a lot of fun to play during the Christmas season, and it also makes a great gift for the person who has everything but loves this movie. It makes a great collectible as well.