Monopoly - American Chopper Edition

Nobody can combine a board game with a television show like Monopoly. They manage to breathe life into the game, while paying tribute to the television program American Chopper.

American Chopper is a reality television show about a father, Paul Teutul Sr, who owns a custom chopper shop called Orange County Choppers or OCC, which is located in Newburgh, New York. One of his four children, Paul Jr, also known as Paulie or Junior, used to be the chief bike designer in the shop.

The focus of the show is supposed to be about building custom bikes for big companies and famous people. The work gets delayed by the bickering between Senior and Junior. Senior feels that his son, Paul Jr, takes advantage of the fact that he is the owner's son. Paul Jr feels unappreciated by his father for the work he does. The end result is an argument. The mood becomes lighter by Mikey Teutul, the son of Paul Sr and brother of Paul Jr. His comedy manages to make everyone laugh.

Monopoly American Chopper Edition

Although, Paul Sr and Paul Jr have since parted ways and are no longer working together or talking to each other due to an argument about finances, the show continues to air. Paul Sr continues to run Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr has started his own business. Mickey has sided with brother Paulie and makes appearances in his shop.

The American Chopper Monopoly edition combines the flavor of the show into board game. In place of the usual player pieces are six collectible American Chopper-themed pewter tokens which look like Paul Teutul Sr, Paul Teutul Jr, Mikey Teutul, the black widow custom chopper, the tool bike custom chopper wheel, and a welding mask. Fans of the show are sure to fight over the tokens.

The board spaces, which are the properties that players compete to buy, sell and trade the deeds to, are replaced by 22 of OCC's custom choppers. Over the years they have built a lot of bikes. Fans of the show are sure to recognize some of the choppers like the Comanche Bike, the Black Widow Bike and The Dixie Chopper Bike.

The traditional houses and hotels have been retooled and renamed into the bays and garages found in the bike shop. The face on the Monopoly money is that of the father and the two sons.

The Community Chest and Chance Cards have been replaced with the Get To Work and I'm Gettin' Aggravated cards, which are two sayings that Paul Sr yells all the time.

The American Chopper television show is enjoyed by people who are interested in motorcycles and the way they are designed and built. People who enjoy reality television shows, even if they have no interest in motorcycles, like watching American Chopper because of the way in which the family interacts. They have closed the gap between the two and created a show that spans age groups and cultural divides. The American Chopper Monopoly edition has followed suit with this board game. It will remind anyone who loves the television show that Monopoly is still a great game to play.