Monopoly Championship Edition

The Monopoly Championship Edition is a must have board game for every gamer who is ready to put his or her Monopoly skills to the test. This version of the classic Hasboro game has exactly the same type of board and pieces that hardcore Monopoly players compete with during national and international competitive Monopoly tournaments. Monopoly Championship Edition is made of much higher quality materials than the other specialized Monopoly collector editions that are on the market. Let's take an inside look at some of the features that make Monopoly Championship Edition a must have game board for every serious fan of Monopoly.

The basic purpose Monopoly Championship Edition is to provide households with all of the rules, tools and game pieces that they need in order to host the same types of Monopoly competitions that the pros compete in. Some casual players might be surprised to learn that there is a large subculture of serious Monopoly players who compete in official competitions all around the world. Competitive players start off by playing against local players in the area on Monopoly Championship boards during satellite games. The best players work their way up to compete in national and global championships for considerable amounts of money.

Monopoly Championship Edition

The rules of Monopoly Championship Edition vary from tradition Monopoly in a few fundamental ways. For starters, there are three dice used during Monopoly Championship instead of the traditional two. The third die is a speed die that requires players to make decisions very quickly and keeps the pace of the game moving along briskly. Players are also able to trade properties with one another by using their own negotiation skills. This adds a whole new psychological element to the game that is absent from traditional Monopoly.

The additional rules and game pieces that come with a model of Monopoly Championship Edition add a lot to the game. However, some of the coolest features that Monopoly enthusiasts will appreciate are high quality versions of accessories that can be found in every Monopoly set. For example, the red and green plastic houses that come with a standard version of Monopoly have been replaced with gold and silver pieces in Monopoly Championship Edition. The set also comes with a velvet drawstring bag to hold the 8 pewter player tokens and the three plastic red dice.

One of the most popular features that family members enjoy when playing Monopoly Championship Edition is the large Monopoly Championship trophy that comes with the set. At the end of every game of Monopoly Championship, the winner walks away with bragging rights to the chrome painted trophy. The winner will need to defend their title as Monopoly champion the next time everyone sits down for a game, which is sure to get the competitive spirit flowing amongst everyone at the table.

In edition to the deluxe game board, pieces and accessories, Monopoly Championship Edition also comes with a booklet of beginners tips for anyone who is interested in throwing the hat into the ring at a local official competition. Much like other tournament games like poker or backgammon, the style of play necessary to win a Monopoly tournament is much more aggressive and ruthless than a normal game of Monopoly amongst friends. The booklet of tips that come with a Monopoly Championship Edition set can introduce you to the style of play that separates the pros from the amateurs.

Monopoly Championship Edition is designed to be played by 2 to 6 players and can be played by anyone from ages 8 and up. There are a number of small parts included in the Monopoly Championship Edition game set that could pose a choking hazard to younger children.