Monopoly Clone Wars Edition

The Monopoly Clone Wars edition of the classic board game of Monopoly is made by Hasbro, Inc. The game’s debut in the autumn of 2008 was designed to coincide with the August, 2008 release of the Star Wars animated feature film, The Clone Wars. It also has references to the Clone Wars television series. This Star Wars edition of Monopoly is the ninth version of Star Wars Monopoly games.

The playing pieces, the game board and the other components of the original Monopoly game have all been modified with the Clone Wars theme. The center of the game board has an impressive montage of artwork, depicting familiar Star Wars characters, such as Yoda and Anakin Skywalker. The railroad spaces are replaced with four Star Wars vehicles: the Defender, the Malevolence, the Twilight and the Resolute. Twenty-eight locations from the Clone Wars movie and television series take the place of the familiar Monopoly properties, such as Boardwalk and Park Place; twenty-eight corresponding property cards are included in the game package. The utilities are replaced with the Republic Medical Station and the Skytop Station. Rent and mortgage amounts are the same as in the original game.

Monopoly Clone Wars Edition - Star Wars

The new playing pieces are pewter figurines of six Clone Wars characters: Anakin Skywalker, Clone Commander Rex, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka Tano. The playing pieces are larger than the original pieces at approximately two inches tall, and are considered to be collector’s items. Sith and Jedi cards replace the Community Chest and Chance cards. The money is replaced with Republic credits in the same denominations, and each bill has a drawing of a Clone Wars figure. The four corners of the board are the same as the classic Monopoly game board, with the Go, Free Parking, Go to Jail, and the Jail spaces all in their familiar spots.

The object of the game is the same as the original Monopoly game. Players try to accumulate as many properties as possible, and build settlements and cities on their properties, instead of the original houses and hotels. The winner is the player who owns the most property and controls the galaxy.

The game is designed to be played by two to six players that are age eight or older. The rules of the game are the same as the original Monopoly game. A shorter version of the original rules and an additional set of rules for optional Star Wars themed games are included. These games require the players to choose either the Force or the Dark Side and play against each other. When a player rolls the dice, the numbers on each die dictate the move that he or she can make, depending on which side he or she has chosen.

This game would make a great gift for fans of the Clone Wars movie and television show. Collectors of Star Wars memorabilia may also be interested in acquiring the game. Many online retailers stock the Monopoly Clone Wars game, and prices start at $31.99.