Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

Monopoly - Electronic Banking Edition brings the game into a whole new era. It adds an electronic fund concept into the game and eliminates need for paper money.

Each player is given a card that is swiped on the included electronic banking machine. The card is used for all payment and money collection throughout the game.

The standard Monopoly rules and concepts remain otherwise unchanged. However, the electronic payment aspect is definitely an exciting new twist and makes the game worth purchasing.

Here are five reasons why fans of Monopoly and other board games should buy Monopoly - Electronic Banking Edition.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

1. Fewer Pieces

Eliminating paper money means there is a lot less clutter involved with this edition. There is no need for counting money or organizing it by bill denomination before and after games.

The common problem of lost or miscounted money is eliminated in this electronic version of Monopoly. This means players and game owners have one less thing to worry about during the match and after.

2. Game Speed

Although epic Monopoly battles can be a lot of fun, some people don't have time to finish a long game. Having players constantly counting and sorting paper money usually adds additional time to almost any game.

In the electronic edition, quick swipes of a card eliminate any need for counting and sorting of bills. A player completes their transactions swiftly and the game moves along to the next person's turn.

3. No Dealer Needed

While some players may enjoy the idea of being a Monopoly dealer, others do not. If no players are willing to act as dealer, it is actually not necessary to have one in Monopoly - Electronic Banking Edition.

A chosen person may still act as dealer by holding the banking machine and swiping each player's card. However, the machine is small enough to be passed around as each player needs it.

4. Financial Responsibility Tool

Traditional Monopoly has always helped parents teach money counting and spending skills to kids. This version takes it into the modern era by familiarizing them with the electronic transfer concept.

In this edition of the game a player must know the balance of a card and how much they can spend. In reality this directly applies to anyone with a personal credit or debit card.

5. Game Size Flexibility

Despite the electronic parts, this version of Monopoly still allows for games of 2-6 people. A total of six bank cards are included to correspond with the amount of Monopoly board pieces given.

The speed of this version allows for a quick two or three person game nearly anytime. Larger games or even tournaments are also an easy possibility with this Monopoly edition

Board games can be a fun activity for almost anyone. Many families have weekly game nights and many groups of kids and adults play on a regular basis.

Monopoly has stood the test of time and remained a favorite among board game players. Monopoly - Electronic Banking Edition now successfully carries that tradition into a new age.