Monopoly FAQs

Monopoly Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Monopoly?

You can buy Monopoly at The site offers great prices, excellent customer service, and a wider variety of games, including several variations of Monopoly. That's the best answer to "where can I buy Monopoly?" Another answer is that you can buy Monopoly almost anywhere - Wal-mart, K-Mart, most toy stores, Target, etc. Anyplace that carries boardgames.

What is the name of the "Monopoly man"?

The Monopoly man's name is Uncle Pennybags. You can see his picture in our site logo above.

Where can I play Monopoly online?

In the menu to the right is a link to a page that reads "Play Monopoly Online". Click on that link to go to a page with information about where to play Monopoly on the Internet.

How do I win at Monopoly?

No Monopoly strategy guarantees a win. Monopoly IS largely a game of chance. But like any game that involves decision-making, there is an element of strategy involved. According to Amnesta, there are some strategies that work pretty well. For example, you should always buy railroads but never buy utilities. Knowing when to stay in jail is important too. (If you're in jail, you don't have to pay rent to anyone. But you can still collect rent.)

Your strategy for winning at Monopoly will change during portions of the game. The endgame is different from the beginning of the game, and you should adjust your strategy and thinking accordingly.

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Where can I buy vintage Monopoly editions?

You can buy vintage Monopoly editions on eBay and Craigslist. People are advertising all kinds of vintage games on both sites, although we've always preferred dealing with eBay. (The auction aspect is fun.) And that's where you can buy vintage Monopoly editions.

Where can I buy replacement parts for my Monopoly set?

Where you can buy replacement parts for your Monopoly set varies based on which replacement parts you need. If you just need a replacement set of rules, then they're available in PDF at the official Monopoly website. If you need more Monopoly money, that's available for download too. You can just print it up. Other replacement parts vary in availability, but your best bet is to visit the official Monopoly website to find out which replacement parts are available for which editions.

How much of each kind of money is available in a standard Monopoly set?

A standard Monopoly set includes $20,580 in Monopoly money. The denominations are $500, $100, $20, $10, $5, and $1. Thirty of each denomination are included in a standard Monopoly set.

Where can I play in a Monopoly tournament?

Monopoly tournaments are generally held for charitable purposes. You can find Monopoly tournament listings here.

Who publishes Monopoly?

Monopoly is published by Parker Brothers, which is a subsidiary of Hasbro.

Who plays Monopoly? How many people have played Monopoly?

Just about everyone plays Monopoly. According to the Hasbro website, over 750 million people have played Monopoly since 1935.

What is Monopoly Here And Now?

Monopoly Here and Now is a modern variant of the traditional Monopoly game which replaces some of the details of the game with more modern equivalents. Some editions use a credit card instead of Monopoly money.

What other Monopoly variants are there?

Aside from the USAopoly and world editions of Monopoly, which use the standard Monopoly rules but change the properties to whatever would be theme-appropriate, there are several Monopoly variants. Some of them include:

These aren't true variants though. Most of them are completely different games with similar branding.

Also, since Monopoly rules are more or less public domain, a number of unauthorized variants are available. One of those is Potopoly, which is a marijuana themed version of Monopoly which uses a five-sided board. Bags of pot are used instead of houses and hotels.