Free Monopoly Games

If you have lots of friends or a large family and are looking to play Monopoly together, you must have all the appropriate materials. However, not everyone has all of the materials needed. Fortunately, there are a variety of online options that can be accessed on the Internet.


One great online option is Middopoly. Middopoly is a free version of Monopoly that can be played online with a group of family and friends.

When beginning a game of Middopoly, the first step is to determine who is going to play. After you determine who is playing, the next step is for the players to choose the names and parts they want to represent in the game. The players must then agree on a set of rules. Most free online Monopoly games will allow the the players to change the rules easily. This flexibility includes the ability of the players to play in a short game format or even a tournament style format. Some of the free Monopoly programs also enable you to customize the game further and choose a particular city to play in.

Middopoly has the same rules used in a standard game of Monopoly. These rules includes the purchase of properties, collecting rent, buying houses and hotels and other standard features. Some of the spaces have been changed, however. For example, a hospital is in the place of the prison and there is a student parking lot instead of Free Parking.

In Middopoly, the values of each property remain true to the original board game. The values of random cards and the Community Chest are the same as the standard cards of a monopoly game, which makes it a very accurate simulation of the standard Parker Brothers' Monopoly game.

Playing Middopoly with a group of people

The game is a Java application. A window opens and prompts you to enter the number of players going to play. After this the player must enter names and select the tabs. The computer then automatically determines the order in which players will enter.

All kinds of buttons will appear in the game. These include buttons that let you roll the dice, propose trades, mortgage your properties and buy and sell houses and hotels. In addition, details about the assets that all players hold are readily observed in the program.

To play free Monopoly or Middopoly, you must have the proper browser. The newer versions of Firefox, Flock or Internet Explorer are the best options for its use. Netscape can also be used, but the support for this browser is limited. In addition, the browser must be compatible with Java 1.1.5 or higher.

Note: While very good for free online Monopoly, one cannot play against computer opponents or players from outside the home. Therefore, if you have a good-sized group in-house, it will be a perfect choice for enjoying a free game of online Monopoly.

Other free online Monopoly games

There are a variety of online monopoly games that are free to download and enjoy. All you need to do is search for free Monopoly in the search field of your browser. Often they do adhere to the traditional standards of the traditional Monopoly board game. Some free monopoly games do have different themes and are specifically geared toward a certain geographical location, such as the United Kingdom. Some of the free monopoly online applications have taken into account the changing value of money and have adjusted the prices accordingly. Still, the heart of the game remains the same. One players ends up economically dominating all the rest and ultimately wins the game of Monopoly, on or offline.