Monopoly Here and Now Edition

Monopoly has been updated to the 21st century with its Here and Now edition. This modern twist on a classic board game allows players to enjoy all the fun of traditional Monopoly while relishing a life-like experience, presenting players with realistic obstacles and events as they strive to conquer the United States. The Monopoly Here and Now edition presents a refreshingly modern aspect to what remains the paramount board game of our time.

The Monopoly Here and Now edition features the same basic game play as the original Monopoly board game. Players travel around the perimeter of the game board, purchasing properties to add to their empire. Adding hotels and houses, the players charge mounting rent fees for any other players that land on their board spaces, and the player with the most money at the end of the game wins. However, the Monopoly Here and Now edition puts a modern spin on the traditional Monopoly world. The locations available for purchase have been updated, the playing pieces reflect present-day culture, and even the money denominations have received a hefty dose of inflation. This adds a contemporary and realistic feel to the game play.

Monopoly Here and Now Edition

Whereas the original Monopoly restricted players to the Atlantic City, the Monopoly Here and Now edition takes players on a sweeping tour of the entire United States. As they struggle to become the top money maker of the game, players can purchase properties such as Texas Stadium in Dallas, Las Vegas Boulevard, Times Square in New York, or even the White House. The traditional railroads have become airports such as JFK, LAX, and O'Hare. Participants will enjoy encountering these familiar names and places in the game. Additionally, the Monopoly Here and Now edition presents an educational aspect that was not available in the original version. The traditional Monopoly may have taught players all about different attractions in the Atlantic City, but this probably did not have much educational significance. Children can learn all about the geography of the United States as they play this fun and exciting game.

One of the most significant changes that has been added to the Monopoly Here and Now edition is the introduction of an entirely new monetary system. All of the modern properties that one can buy in this Monopoly game have been given matching modern price tags. Rather than utilizing the classic scheme of one dollar to five hundred dollar bills, the Monopoly Here and Now edition features immensely inflated currency that, while causing the monetary aspect of the game to be a bit cumbersome, adds another realistically modern touch. These new Monopoly money denominations start at one hundred thousand dollars and reach up to five million dollars. Especially if one is accustomed to the traditional Monopoly money scheme, these new denominations could present some exasperation, but with time one will learn to adjust to the different money amounts. After all, one would be hard pressed to find Minneapolis's Mall of America available for five hundred dollars in today's society.

Even the playing pieces of the Monopoly Here and Now edition have received a modern update. Rather than the classic wheel barrow, iron, or battleship, players can now choose game tokens reflecting a piece of contemporary culture. One can drive a Toyota Prius across the game's board. McDonald's french fries, a laptop computer, and a Motorola RAZR mobile headset are available for choosing. The traditional Monopoly boot has been updated into a New Balance sneaker, and the classic dog has become the ever-popular labradoodle.

Adults and children alike will find the Monopoly Here and Now edition to be a spectacularly addicting game. This classic game with a modern twist will attract numerous players to its unique, updated layout that still captures the traditional fun of the Monopoly board game. With the Monopoly Here and Now edition, becoming a millionaire has never been so enchanting.