Monopoly Instructions

The Rules and Instructions for Playing Monopoly

Monopoly is a boardgame that was acquired by Parker Brothers in 1935. It's one of the oldest and most popular board games that is still played today. If you've lost your instructions to the game, you should still be able to play using the Monopoly instructions below.

How is the game of Monopoly won?

The winner of the game of Monopoly is the player who is still in the game after all other players have declared bankruptcy.

How do players decide who goes first?

There are two white dice included in each game of Monopoly. Each player rolls the dice and the player who rolls the highest goes first. Game play then continues in a clockwise motion.

What do players do on their turn?

Monopoly InstructionsPlayers roll both white dice then move their playing piece that number of spaces around the board. Players read the square upon which they have landed and follow the action indicated. If a players move takes that player past GO, the player then collects a salary of $200.00. If the player rolls doubles, the player takes another turn. If a player rolls doubles three times, then that player must place their piece on the Jail space. Players may also land in Jail by landing on the space instructing them to go to Jail. Players going to Jail are forbidden to collect their $200.00 salary earned by passing GO.

How do players get out of Jail?

Players get out of Jail by paying $50.00 at the beginning of their next turn prior to rolling; a player may also use a "Get Out of Jail Free" card if the player has gotten one, or a player can attempt to roll doubles on their turn. If the player has not rolled doubles after three turns, then the player may exit the Jail at no cost.

How does a player earn money?

In addition to the $200.00 salary earned by passing Go, each time a player lands on a piece of property that player has the option of buying the property if it is not already owned. The player can purchase the property for the price listed on the space. The player pays the Bank and receives a Deed card. If a player lands on a space and does not wish to purchase that property, then the Bank auctions the piece of property to the highest bidder. A player may then charge rent to other players who land on the property that player owns.

About Monopoly properties

Monopoly properties consist of sites which are color coded, railroads and utilities. Players should attempt to purchase all the sites in the same color group. Owning all sites within the same color group allows the player to double the rent other players pay when they land on sites. Owning all sites also allows the player to build houses and hotels on each piece of property that they own. Players must build evenly on properties. If a player builds a house on owned property, there must be the same number of houses on each site within the same color group. After four houses have been placed on each property, the player may exchange the houses for a hotel. Again, all properties must be improved simultaneously. There may only be one hotel on each site. Utility rents are determined by the throw of the dice. Owning all utilities ensures higher payments. Railroad rents are charged in increments of $50.00. Owning all railroads entitles the player to the maximum rent.

If a player runs out of money, that player may mortgage or sell their properties. Once the player is out of money and property, that player is out of the game. The last player who still has cash and viable properties is the winner.