Monopoly Junior

Monopoly for Kids

Monopoly Junior is the children's boardgame based on the popular adult boardgame Monopoly. The money amounts are smaller and all playing pieces are in the shape of differently colored cars. Children who are playing place Ticket Booths on different amusement park rides to earn money.

How is the game of Monopoly Junior different from the original game of Monopoly?

Monopoly Junior is based on an amusement park setting rather than the Atlantic City setting used by original Monopoly.

How is Monopoly Junior easier for children?

Monopoly Junior is a shorter game. The Junior edition is based on the premise that kids can set up ticket booths for amusement park rides such as roller coasters or bumper cars. The money amounts are not as high which makes counting and keeping track of the money easier for children. When players pass GO, they collect an allowance of $2.00.

Monopoly Junior - For Kids!

How do players take turn?

Each player takes 10 Ticket Booths that match the color of their mover. The first player, which is determined by the player who rolls the highest number on the die moves the allotted number of spaces and must follow the directions on that space. If the player lands on an amusement space, the player must pay the banker the amount shown on the amusement. The player then sets up a ticket booth on that amusement and charges players who land on the space.

Do players go to Jail?

No, players do not go to jail in Monopoly Junior. Instead, players go to the restroom. If a player lands on the space instructing that player to go to the restroom, the player goes to the restroom without passing GO and collecting the $2.00 allowance. In order to get out of the restroom, the player must place $3.00 on the Uncle Moneybags Loose Change square.

What is the Uncle Moneybags Loose Change Square?

This is the square where restroom fines and monies paid to see the Fireworks or Water Show are placed. The lucky player who lands on the Uncle Moneybags Loose Change Square gets to keep all the money which has accumulated there.

About Monopoly Jr. properties:

Unlike original Monopoly properties, a player who lands on a space where there is an existing Ticket Booth has the chance to replace the existing Ticket Booth with one of his own. There is a Chance card which gives the player a card entitled Free Ticket Booth. If a player draws this card, the player may advance to any Ticket Booth and replace it with their own.

Can a player have more than one Ticket Booth on a space?

Yes, there can be up to two Ticket Booths on any one space. A player may have two of his Ticket Booths, or two different players may each have a Ticket Booth. There can be no more than two Ticket Booths per space. If a player has Ticket Booths on both Amusements of the same color, then the player charges double rent. This rule is the same as the rule in original Monopoly, where if a player owns all sites of the same color, double rent is paid.

Are there railroads?

Yes, there are railroads in Monopoly Junior. However, no player can own a railroad. If a player lands on a railroad, that player rolls the die again and moves that number of spaces.

How does the game end?

The first player to run out of money ends the game. When a player runs out of money, game play stops and all players add the money they are holding. The player with the most money wins the game.