McDonalds Monopoly

McDonalds Monopoly Game

McDonalds Monopoly is one of the most popular sweepstakes in the history of the USA. 

The McDonalds Monopoly game imitates the boardgame by offering tokens with menu items that correspond to traditional property spaces on a Monopoly board.

McDonalds Monopoly Pieces

Most of the time the winnings are limited to something like french fries or a soda, but the color coded McDonalds Monopoly game pieces can be matched and then redeemed for more valuable prizes, like video games. The grand prize is the combination of Boardwalk and Park Place.

The rarest Monopoly pieces in the McDonalds Monopoly game include:

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McDonalds Monopoly Scandal

McDonalds Monopoly Game PiecesThere was a certain amount of controversy associated with the McDonalds Monopoly sweepstakes game in 2001 when evidence suggested that the company (Simon Marketing) which was administering the game on behalf of McDonalds was in fact cheating.  Employees of Simon Marketing had used proxies to win prizes by setting aside some of the more valuable and rare pieces. This "scandal" eventually resulted in 51 indictments.