Monopoly Money

"Monopoly money" is the play money that's included in Monopoly games.

Monopoly Money Amounts - How Much Monopoly Money

One of the big questions people ask about Monopoly all the time concerns the "Monopoly money amount". How much Monopoly money does a Monopoly set include? How much Monopoly money does a player receive at the start of the game?

Each new Monopoly game comes with 30 bills of the following denominations: $500, $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, and $1. (That's $20,580, for those of you keeping score at home.)

Players start the game with two $500 bills, two $100 bills, two $50 bills, six $20 bills, and five of each of the lower denominations $10, $5 and $1). If you eat fried chicken while playing Monopoly, like we did at my 12th birthday party, then your Monopoly money will wind up greasy. At that point, you have a few different options.

Monopoly MoneyMonopoly Money Option #1 - Buy a new Monopoly set. Believe it or not, when I was a kid, a game of Monopoly was considered a pretty expensive luxury. Now you can buy a standard Monopoly set for about $15 just about anywhere games are sold. Some people might not want to replace their entire Monopoly set just because their Monopoly money is messed up or soiled, but if you do, it's relatively inexpensive to do so.

Monopoly Money Option #2 - Buy more Monopoly money. Game retailers like offer Monopoly money for sale by itself. For about $6.50, you can receive extra bills of each denomination in one big set. Considering the cost difference between the money and replacing the set, I'd probably lean toward just replacing the entire game. If I've done something to get my Monopoly money dirty (like eating fried chicken while I play) then chances are I've gotten the board and the other game components messed up too. But the option of just replacing the Monopoly money by itself is available.

Monopoly Money Option #3- Print more Monopoly money. You can visit the Hasbro official site and download a pdf file of Monopoly money and then print your own set for free. But really, printing your own Monopoly money isn't free, because you still have to buy the paper and the ink. My printer ink cartridges are expensive, so I'd be more likely to just replace the game or the money via one of the other two options I mentioned above.

Keep in mind too that if you're playing a special edition of Monopoly which has different money and different denominations, some of the options listed above might not be available to you.