Monopoly - New York Giants Superbowl XLII Champions Edition

Monopoly - The New York Giants Superbowl XLII Champions Edition is a chance to relive the NY Giants big upset of the New England Patriots in the 2008 Superbowl XLII. The 7th and latest championship NY football Giants team was able to get better as the season progressed, culminating in a 17-14 victory over their undefeated rivals. Stars like Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress are remembered in a special Monopoly game commemorating the big event.

For any fan of the New York Giants football team, receiving a copy of the New York Giants Superbowl XLII Champions Edition of Monopoly would be a welcome gift. The game is an officially licensed product of the NFL and can be bought through a number of online outlets.

Monopoly - The New York Giants Superbowl XLII Champions Edition

The Object of the Game

Like the traditional version of the game, the object of the game is to accumulate properties (players) and money and bankrupt your opponents. The level of interest increases as you build your team by trading for the different players. Be careful not to just pick your favorite players as they may not be "worth as much" in the game as they are in real life.

The Box

The cover features some of the most prominent players from the 2008 Championship team. Amongst the players on the box cover are Quarterback Eli Manning, Defensive End Michael Strahan and Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress.

The Board

With the exception of the four corner spaces (Go, Jail, Free Parking and Go to Jail), the rest of the board is customized to the New York Giants Superbowl XLII team. In the center of the board, you see the traditional Monopoly logo. Below that shows Superbowl XLII with the final score of Giants 17 - Patriots 14. Also on the board is the path the Patriots and the Giants took to reach the big game.

Each property on the board represents one of the players on the Giant team. The most valuable properties in Monopoly, Boardwalk and Park Place are represented respectively by Eli Manning and Michael Strahan, the offensive and defensive leaders of the team. At the other end of the spectrum, Punter Jeff Feagles takes the place of the lowest priced property - Mediterranean. The adjoining property that makes up the small monopoly, Baltic, features place Kicker Lawrence Tynes. Hopefully, this was just a choice of convenience and does not necessarily indicate the worth of these players to the team. Other property/players on the board include Tight End Jeremy Shockey (Illinois) and Wide Receiver Plaxico Burris (Pennsylvania).

The 4 Railroads show the quarter-by-quarter score of Superbowl XLII. Just after "Go" the first quarter score of Giants 3 - Patriots 0 is shown. The second quarter shows Patriots 7 - Giants 3 as does the third quarter. Finally, as you approach "Go" again, the final score of Giants 17 - Patriots 14 is shown.

Utilities (Electric Company and Waterworks) are replaced with "NFC Wildcard Champs" and "NFC Conference Champs". The Community Chest an Chance Card spaces represent the two conferences, the AFC and NFC. Finally, the luxury tax space between Boardwalk and Park Place has been replaced by the Superbowl Program. It will cost you $75.00 for the program if you happen to land on that space. Is that the actual cost of the program?

The Money

Each player is given "Giant" money to begin the game. Currency from $1.00 to $500.00 comes in different colors with each denomination featuring a different Giant player.

The Playing Pieces (Tokens)

This special edition game includes 6 collectible pewter playing pieces. The detailed tokens include a Giant's helmet, linebacker, quarterback, Cleat, referee's whistle and a football on a tee.

A complete set includes the specially designed playing board, a pair of dice, 6 playing pieces, a set of property deed cards, community chest and chance (NFC and AFC) cards, houses and hotels, Giant's money and a money tray. Prices for this game range between $20.00 and $40.00, depending on which online seller you choose. Your best deals are probably on Ebay. Overall, you can pick up a brand new version of the game for about $30.00. Go ahead and treat the Giant football fan in your life to the game of Monopoly, with a twist.