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This is our "Monopoly news" page. We include links to headlines all over the world related to the game of Monopoly. This section of the site is hand-edited. (Some sites use a news "feed", but too many non-relevant news articles would make it into the mix if we took that approach here.) Enjoy!

Monopoly News - February 13, 2009

Texas Holdem, Monopoly, and South Carolina Law - According to a South Carolina law, it's illegal to play any game using cards or dice. That includes Monopoly and Clue. An interesting article, and worth reading, especially if you're of a Libertarian mindset.

Strip Monopoly and Friday the 13th - The new version of the movie presumably leaves out the "strip Monopoly" game which was played in the original movie.

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Monopoly News - February 7, 2009

Monopoly Challenge - A charitable Monopoly tournament event being held in North Dakota, to raise awareness for the Junior Achievement program.