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Parker Brothers is an old company. George S. Parker created his first game in 1883 when he was only 16 years old.

If you want an idea of how long ago 1883 actually was, think about this. In 1883, Chester Arthur was president. The first electric lighting system was created and implemented by Thomas Edison. The first vaudeville theater opened that year. The Brooklyn Bridge opened. The first rodeo was held in Pecos, Texas. When you watch a movie set in the old West, then this is the time period they were talking about.

That's how old a company Parker Brothers is.

And no, the game George Parker created wasn't Monopoly. But it was a money-themed game called Banking. It was so popular among their family and friends that his brother and he published the game and profited from selling it. Parker Brothers has gone on to publish over 1800 different games.

Parker Brothers Board GamesThe company went on to produce a lot of the most famous board games in the history of the world. Parker Brother games include Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, and Risk. Parker Brothers was a family-owned company until the 1960's, but then it was sold to General Mills. Eventually General Mills sold the company to Tonka, who in turn were gobbled up by Hasbro, who still owns Parker Brothers.

The Parker Brothers brand name and logo are still one of the more solid brand-names in the toy business. Only "Milton Bradley" compares in terms of brand recognition. Both brands are now owned by Hasbro though.

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Parker Brothers Board Games & Parker Brothers Card Games

Parker Brothers Board Games

Some of the more famous Parker Brothers board games include:

Parker Brothers Card Games

Some of the more famous Parker Brothers card games include:

Books About Parker Brothers

Some books have been written about Parker Brothers. I've included as complete a list of these as I could find: