Monopoly - The Rolling Stones Edition

Monopoly is taking on a whole new twist with the help of The Rolling Stones. The appearance, game pieces, and game play of Monopoly: The Rolling Stones Edition differs from the original Monopoly. Stamped with its trademarked lips and tongue that the Rolling Stones have always used, this game will be cherished by not only by Monopoly fans but Stones fans as well. Instead of properties being purchased, you buy gold or platinum albums for their songs. This feature here also cut out the need for houses and hotels. Once you purchase a famous hit song and contain all the colors in that color group then you buy albums to upgrade.

Monopoly - The Rolling Stones Collectors Edition

You get to rock around the board now with either a drum set, tour bus, dice, lips, and even wild horses. The games main concept is the same as the original except with its own added twist. When you land on what would have been a community chest or chance card, now you get Lyrics and Licks cards in their place. And who could forget the cheap property Baltic Avenue or the expensive Park Place? Baltic now becomes Sticky Fingers which came from a 1971 classic and Park Place becomes a Bigger Bang which came from the Rolling Stones 2009 album.

Monopoly just didn't stop there. Luxury tax as you know it is no longer in this game. Instead you have to purchase concert tickets and stage set up each time you land on that plot. You will no longer have to pay for electric or water. Drums and guitars are now in the place of the utilities and that becomes your maintenance and also notes information about Charlie Watts the drummer and Ron Wood the guitarist. And what was the standard cash flow within the bank in Monopoly, it is now replaced with concert tickets.

Exile On Main Street just isn't a song anymore that the Rolling Stones sang as it too has been placed on the Monopoly board. So be careful as your ride about the board in style or else it could land you exiled from Main Street for real within the game. And when it comes time to hop that train don't fret because they will not be there. Instead it will be replaced by four different tours the Stones have had. One of them mentioned is Urban Legend. How awesome is that to be able to spend some tour time with the Rolling Stones.

Within this game you get a custom board that contains 22 famous songs by the Rolling Stones. Instead of singing the Voodoo Lounge you may even get lucky enough to visit there as your travel around the board. Monopoly really knows how to celebrate its 75th anniversary when they decided on the Rolling Stones as their next edition. Monopoly is not only a classic world wide but so is the band the Rolling Stones as they continue to rock out for decades past and future.