Monopoly - Star Trek Edition

The Monopoly lovers and Star Trek fans unite with the introduction of Monopoly - Star Trek Edition. Both Monopoly and Star Trek are decades old and have become well-known icons in society.

The Box

The first thing players will notice upon purchasing the Star Trek edition of Monopoly is the newly designed box. Blending the perfect mixture of Star Trek and Monopoly elements, the box is designed to draw the attention of both Monopoly lovers and Star Trek fans.

Monopoly - Star Trek Continyym Edition

The Board

The traditional Monopoly design elements are all present on the Star Trek edition board. However, many things have been changed to fit into the realm of the Star Trek universe. Where the railroad properties are located in classic Monopoly, the Star Trek edition features some of the iconic starships from the Trek-universe. The taxing spaces present Treksters with a familiar race, not to mention one befitting of the taxing space: The Ferengi Commerce Authority.


The rest of the properties have been redone as well in order to reflect as much of the Star Trek universe as possible. The vast majority of property spaces feature a picture of a Star Trek planet, along with the picture of a character that represents that world. On the Klingon world of Qo'Nos, Kahless from Star Trek: TNS stands as a picture perfect example of the Klingon race. Admiral Cartwright is featured on the Starfleet Command Property, while Sarek was chosen to represent the planet of Vulcan. Even the utilities have been changed to fit the Star Trek theme. Rather than the Electric Company and Water Works, players can purchase the Argus Array and the Delta Vega Lithium Cracking Station.

As if the major revamping of the properties were not enough to Trekify this game, the game pieces and money have also been alter to fit more resolutely within the Star Trek theme. The different game tokens range from the Captain's Chair of Star Trek: TOS to the communicator. The traditional Monopoly currency of dollars has been outdated in the future. Instead, gold-pressed latinum is the major denomination of currency for those who are seeking to gain a Monopoly over the galaxy.

Chance and Community Chest

Chance and Community Chest cards have also been replaced. In their place are the Subspace Transmission and Sensor Reading cards. These cards themselves feature images of characters and scenes from a variety of different Star Trek settings. The text of these cards is often quite humorous, providing players with something to chuckle over while playing.


The rules of the original Monopoly have been slightly modified to enable this game to fit more into the Star Trek universe. Rolling double 1's enables a player to "create a temporal rift". This allows the player to move anywhere on the board instantly. Double 2's bring out the Ferengi in you, allowing you to apply the Rule of Acquisition and obtain 200 gold-pressed latinum from the bank. Let it never be said that the Rule of Acquisition never benefited anyone!

Houses and Hotels

The most startling thing of all is that nothing was done to change the traditional houses and hotels. While they are listed on property cards as being "starships" and "fleets", the actual design of the tokens is the exact same as in traditional Monopoly. Whether this was done to keep costs down or simply was an oversight, it remains awkwardly out of place to deal in what seems to be a whole new world of Monopoly, where houses and hotels can fly through space.

All in all, though, Monopoly - Star Trek edition is a mixture of some of the most wonderful aspects of its progenitors. Both Monopoly lovers and Star Trek fans will fall in love with this edition of Monopoly. What's more, the lack of Star Trek trivia helps to ensure that those unfamiliar with Star Trek will still be able to enjoy this game. The plethora of Star Trek references helps ensure that Trekies fall in love with it. This game is definitely a must have for anyone who enjoys Star Trek or Monopoly.