Monopoly - The Office Edition

If you're familiar with the TV sitcom “The Office” and the game of Monopoly, you will find the collaboration to be quite interesting. Combining the common locations and items within the television show, and the familiar workings of the game of Monopoly, Monopoly – The Office is becoming a great new craze for both “The Office” fans and Monopoly fans alike. Taking the concept of the monopoly game in its traditional nature, “The Office” is incorporated through popular and well known elements of the hilarious sitcom. Even if you aren’t an avid watcher of the show, or even an avid player of the game, you will find great interest in such an exciting version of the classic game you have grown up with.

Plays during the Game

There are several elements of Monopoly that are converted into “The Office” themed plays to offer a television show oriented play. The landings on the board still carry the same value, yet take on the personality of “The Office” in all its goofiness, such as:

All these plays are performed as in the traditional Monopoly, but offer a great new twist and theme that can be enjoyed by “The Office” fans everywhere.

Monopoly - The Office Edition

Locations in the Game

Of course, if there is going to be “The Office” theme applied to the game, the locations must correlate with the overall style. The locations on the board will differ according to the actual television show, replacing the traditional locations with “The Office” locations that are known within the sitcom, including:

There are also “The Office” themed railroads which include Dunder Mifflin Delivery Truck, Lake Wallenpaupack Party Boat, Korean Church Van, and Forklift; with Serenity by Jan serving as Monopoly’s Electric Company and Dunder Mifflin Infinity taking the place of Waterworks.

Play Pieces during “The Office” Monopoly Game

There are also unique “The Office” collective tokens used during play of the game. The six tokens include:

The center of the board is also authentic for the sitcom, with the entire cast shown on the play board. The play will continue as normal Monopoly would, offering different plays and pieces that are authentic “The Office” themed pieces and play options during the game.

Marking a Trend in Game Buying

Monopoly – The Office is a great game that is showing a high trend in fan marketing. There are many “The Office” fans seeking the game to play, and those seeking the game for memorabilia of the television show. With great success, there have been many that have caught onto the humor of the sitcom, allowing it to become a great interest, even in the Monopoly board game version. There are also Monopoly lovers that with or without an interest in “The Office” are finding this game to be a highly valuable collector’s item, and great fun for those that are looking for a great new game with a traditional sense to it.

Getting the Monopoly –The Office game will provide you with a newly themed traditional game that offers a variation of the classic play, with similar components renamed to take on the style of the show. There are many people that have found this to be a great way to remember Monopoly’s many phases, as well as to remember the sitcom and all its humor and fun. Getting the game today could help you preserve memories that can last forever reminding you of the current culture, sitcoms, and the same strong love for Monopoly.