Monopoly US Air Force Edition

The US Air Force Monopoly game is a great addition for any family that enjoys this popular board game. Supporting the armed forces is a great idea, and this is just one more way to bring it home. The game is placed in the traditional style of Monopoly. However, all of the locations are of a military style theme. The Chance and Community Chest cards are geared towards the military as well.

The game board features a variety of great Air Force related properties. Many of them have a historical connection which makes the game even more realistic and appealing in nature. The object of the game is to get the properties in colored groups so that you can build on them and earn more rent from those that land on property you own. You will be accumulating squadrons and wings. Instead of houses and hotels you will be developing hangers and airports.

Monopoly US Air Force Edition

The money is Air Force oriented and designed. The artwork for the game board is remarkable. You will feel that you are really involved with the US Air Force throughout the game play with this particular set up. The overall game scenario involves you being a Joint Force Air Component Commander that has to assemble troops for deployment in order to destroy the enemy.

The overall objective of this US Air Force edition Monopoly is to have control over the most air space. The strategy for winning this game involves being able to have control over intelligence and communication capabilities. By doing so this allows you to control various targets on a global scale. The duties of the US Air Force come to life with this particular game.

Throughout the game you will have the ability to deploy your team of servicemen. This includes the Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and even Air Force Civilians. There is lots of action taking place with this particular version of Monopoly. As a result, it isn’t one that you will quickly become bored with.

At the same time it is a game that is challenging in many ways. Developing your strategy for effective game play is going to be something you look forward to doing. The more you play though the easier it will become for you to have complete dominance over air space and to win. Even the hardest to please Monopoly enthusiasts have found that this is an excellent version that they enjoy on many levels.

The game tokens for this Monopoly game feature various forms of United States Air Force equipment. They include the B2 Bomber, F/A 22, UAV, and the C-17. There is also a traffic control tower and some historical figures.

With the Monopoly US Air Force edition, you will have hours of fun. This is a great gift for anyone that is in the Air Force, the reserves, or has retired from the Air Force. It is also a great item for younger generations that love the planes of the Air Force or that have a desire to enter this branch of the military later on in life.