Monopoly and Other Game Websites

Monopoly Sites

Google Monopoly - Directory of websites, human-edited. They pull this info from DMOZ. But their version is kinda neat because it includes that nifty PageRank info.

Yahoo Monopoly - Also a human-edited directory of Monopoly websites. Some people pay $299 just to have an editor review their site for this directory. Anyone willing to spend $299 just to have their site reviewed must be serious about their website.

Wikipedia Monopoly - Volunteer-written encyclopedia article about the game. Since anyone can edit this article at any time, the level of quality can vary. At the time of this writing, it's definitely a nice big page though.

Official Monopoly Site at Hasbro - Official site.

Durango Bill's - Monopoly probabilities analyzed.

Monopoly Collector - Game history and facts along with photos of the owner's collection.

Monopoly Lexicon - More stuff for collectors all over the world.

Monopoly Rents - Lists the costs of properties and rents (inMonopoly money) for the UK version of the game in 1972, and analyzes the relationships between those numbers.

Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly - Long term probabilities of landing on each square, expected income per roll per square and per property, other calculations, and conclusions. Quite detailed and insightful.

PSMonopoly - Guide to where you can play free Monopoly online.

Richard Wilding's Monopoly Collection - Looks like it hasn't been updated since 1999, but it's still a neat site from someone who obviously loves the game.

Who Invented Monopoly - Fascinating history of the game and the controversy regarding who actually should get credit for inventing Monopoly.

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Other Games

Other Games Related to Finance and Economics

Ratrace Players - Features a searchable database of Cashflow 101 players. (That's the game by the Rich Dad, Poor Dad dude.)

General Gaming Sites

Boardgame Geek - THE website about boardgames. No one else comes close to having the breadth and depth of coverage on the subject. Bookmark this one.

Board Game Central - The other authority site on boardgames.

The Game Pile - Mostly focused on board games. They also feature a section focused on games put out by NBC.

The Great Games of Sid Sackson - If you ever wanted to read about Sid Sackson's games, well, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better website than this one.

Dan Becker's Home Page - Lots of cool stuff about board games and miniatures.

The Game Cabinet - An online game magazine, but it hasn't been updated since 2000. Still has lots of great reviews though.

Game Report - A quarterly gaming magazine with a website. Last updated in 2005.

Board Gamers Anonymous - For lovers of German style boardgames.

49th West Games - A game manufacturing and publishing company, makers of Explorium.

Card Games

Tripoley Rules - Neat little website about a cool card game that combines Hearts with Rummy and Poker.

Poker Vibe - Includes poker book reviews and strategy articles.

Yahoo Poker Guide - Information about Yahoo's online cardroom.

Gambling Games

Craps information at - If you like to gamble, and you like adrenaline, then playing craps is the way to gamble.

Keno - Another gambling game, but lousy odds. Relaxing though, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from craps.


Prison Struggle - A free, fun MMORPG where you take the role of a prisoner in a penitentiary.


American Darts - How to play darts, including rules, tournament play, and a free online darts game.

Football Babble - Explains football for people who don't really know anything about the subject. Good for wives.