Monopoly - The Wizard of Oz Edition

The classic board game Monopoly got a new twist with The Wizard of Oz Edition. Anyone who is a fan of the original game or the Wizard of Oz will enjoy this edition. The goal of the game remains the same. Players attempt to accumulate the most wealth and put others out of business. Those familiar with the original game will be able to instantly jump into this new themed edition.

This isn't to say that The Wizard of Oz Edition brings nothing new to the game of Monopoly. The new theme set is sure to delight everyone. The board is completely redone. Players follow the yellow brick road through Oz during their quest to win.

Monopoly - The Wizard of Oz Edition

The Monopoly Money also received a major makeover. Rather than the drab look that they had before, players will love how The Wizard of Oz Edition money looks. The makers did everything within their power to ensure this edition looks and plays wonderfully. In order to make things easy on players, values of properties and money remain the same as standard Monopoly.

Players of Monopoly will remember the excitement of landing on Chance and Community Chest zones. Now, players of The Wizard of Oz Edition will be able to land on The Good Witch and Bad Witch zones. These cards are used exactly the same as in the classic edition of Monopoly. This ensures that everyone, new and old players alike, can enjoy this edition.

Rather than the Electric Company and Water Works, players have the chance to land on the Ruby Slippers and Water Bucket. Fans of the Wizard of Oz will remember the four gifts Dorothy and her friends received from the Wizard. These gifts themselves also make an appearance in this edition. Located where the railroad spaces are in classic Monopoly, these gifts are often the most sought after properties.

Property values are not the only thing which remained the same in this edition. The number of properties available also remains the same. This ensures that the Wizard of Oz Edition board is the same size as classic Monopoly boards.

Of course, player tokens received a new look. No more Wheel Barrow and Thimble tokens. Instead, players can choose to be some of their favorite characters from The Wizard of Oz. Players may choose from any of the following tokens: Dorothy with Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Tornado, and of course, Ruby Slippers. Which token a player chooses has no bearing on the game, just like classic Monopoly.

Income Tax and Luxury Tax have also been replaced. Instead, players will dread landing on Tornado Insurance and See The Wizard tiles. Once a player has a monopoly, they may buy houses. The traditional houses and hotel figures have been changed for the Wizard of Oz Edition. Instead, players purchase Farmhouses on their properties. Once they have obtained 4 Farmhouses, they may upgrade to Emerald City Palaces.

The Wizard of Oz Edition of Monopoly brings changes that players will love. It also ensures that game mechanics work the same. No need to read through an entire rulebook just to play the game. Those who have played classic Monopoly will jump straight into The Wizard of Oz Edition. New and old players alike will find the aesthetics of this edition appealing.

So whether you have played Monopoly hundreds of times before or never, The Wizard of Oz Edition is a great choice. Anyone who loved The Wizard of Oz will find this edition of Monopoly a must have. Monopoly has never been better than the amazing Wizard of Oz Edition.