Monopoly Surfing Edition

The Monopoly Surfing Edition gives surfing fans a chance to enjoy the classic game of Monopoly with a game board and game pieces that are themed around their favorite sport. Each of the properties on the board have been replaced by famous surfing beaches from around the world, and the pewter game pieces are in the shape of different symbols of the sport. Let's take an inside look at what makes Monopoly Surfing Edition a must have collector's item for surfing enthusiasts and Monopoly lovers alike.

When players sit down for a game with Monopoly Surfing Edition, they can look forward to a worldwide tour of 22 of the best known surfing breaks that the world has to offer. Some of the most well-known surfing destinations included in Monopoly Surfing Edition include Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and Mavericks. The game features beautiful photography of many of these beaches that both surfers and beach bums are sure to enjoy.

Monopoly Surfing Edition

The game board for Monopoly Surfing Edition is laid out like all other Monopoly boards with the properties outlining the board and two sets of community cards in the center of the board. The central image of the board is a high resolution photograph of surfing legend Shaun Tomson riding a beautiful wave just barely within its pipeline. Shaun Tomson is a professional surfer from South Africa who is best known for being the central figure of an aggressive group of surfers called the Free Ride Generation during the 1970s. A shot of Thomson surfing is also featured on the handsome box of Monopoly Surfing Edition.

In addition to the game board, all of the game pieces and accessories included in Monopoly Surfing Edition are centered around the sport. Players can choose from six different surfing related pewter tokens as their markers, including a surfer, can of surf wax, flip flop, beach cruiser, woodie and shark. The play money and community cards used in Monopoly Surfing Edition is themed around surfing. Players must take a card from either the long board or the short board stack of cards when they land on certain squares. The cards all have surfing related instructions like qualifying for sponsorship or getting crushed by waves that results in bonuses or penalties.

All of the other photography featured in Monopoly Surfing Edition is the worker of a famous surfing photographer by the name Jeff Divine. Jeff Divine has taken many of the most famous shots that have every been captured in the history of surfing from the 1970s through the present. He is best known for the shots that he took while working for Surfer Magazine just as the sport was beginning to hit the mainstream. His work captures the authentic sense of freedom that comes with surfing in a way that compliments the spirit of Monopoly Surfing Edition in the best way possible.

Serious fans of surfing will be gratified to know that Monopoly Surfing Edition was created as a result of a direct partnership between Jeff Divine and the Surfrider Foundation with the Monopoly Brand. The Surfrider Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is solely devoted to the preservation of the world's beaches and breaks for generations to come. A small portion of the proceeds from every sale of a Monopoly Surfing Edition set goes to help the organization work towards fulfilling their mission. While the Surfrider Foundation might not be known very well outside of the surfing community, the fact that they were willing to put their name on Monopoly Surfing Edition carries a lot of weight with surfers and anyone familiar with modern beach conservation efforts.