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Monopoly is the most popular board game in the world, having been played by more than one billion people since its time of origin. This classic game is now available through Yahoo board games. Yahoo Monopoly stays faithful to the wonderfully addicting strategic game that has existed for over a century.

History of Monopoly

Yahoo Monopoly is based on the classic board game. Most of us know this as a Parker Brothers brand board game, but the history of the Monopoly board games goes all the way back to 1903. Elizabeth Magie Phillips created a game called “The Landlord’s Game” with the intent to demonstrate negative aspects of proposed tax ideas at the time. The game became so popular it was published commercially in 1924. Later changes were made and the game evolved into Auction Monopoly and became quite popular in the United States Midwest.

But just where did all the street names that we all know so well come from? These come from a variation of the game created by Charles Darrow who built a version of the game based on Atlantic City properties. To this day, the properties on the board reflect the state of real Atlantic City neighborhoods, with Boardwalk and Park Place being the most expensive and Mediterranean and Baltic remaining less affluent areas.

In 1935, the Parker Brothers bought the rights from Darrow and began manufacturing the widely distributed verison of the game we know today. This version included the game’s mascot “Rich Uncle Pennybags” – a mustached man in a top hat. Multiple variations have come out in the last few years, including the “Here and Now” version which features famous U.S. landmark properties in place of the Atlantic City standards as well as properly inflated property prices.

Rules of Monopoly

Much of Yahoo Monopoly’s gameplay depends on chance. The role of the die often determines victory or failure in short term play. But long-term strategy is an important part of Monopoly. A proper strategy can help you weather several bad moves and keep making money.

The goal in Monopoly is to make as much money as you can in the allotted playing time. Others play the game until all but one player has gone bankrupt and cannot continue. There are lots of variations of rules that have been adopted over the years so make sure you know the official rules for Yahoo Monopoly.

Each player’s turn involves rolling the dice and moving the required number of squares. Depending on where you land, you may have to draw a card from the chance or community chest pile, which can lead to either positive or negative results. If you land on an unowned property, you may buy it from the bank. If you manage to buy all properties of a single color, you can add houses and hotels which increase the “rent” of opponents who land on your property.

If you land on an opponent’s property you have to pay him the rent for that property. The game really gets dicey when most properties are owned. Each turn becomes a precarious trek through your enemy’s territory where a property with a hotel can have such a large fee that you may find yourself bankrupt in a single turn.

Online Fun With Monopoly

Monopoly has a long history of being one of the most exciting board games to play with family and friends. Now you can enjoy this exciting game online anytime you want without setting up a board or blocking out large amounts of time to play. Monopoly teaches strategic, money-managing skills and careful planning. Get online and play Yahoo Monopoly with your friends today and start building your own real estate empire.