Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD Game

The Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game is fast paced and exciting. Part of the game is played on your TV screen. You will also need a DVD player so that you can play that part of the game. The DVD is where lots of action occurs including the information from the Chance and Community Chest Cards. You won't have them as a physical part of this particular Monopoly game.

You will enjoy the fun design of the Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game. You are rich to start with, and you are trying to buy up various entities to make you even more money. There are great tokens for game play too including the parrot, flip flop, and the sail boat.

The Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD Game

Each player will have a job that they benefit from during this particular Monopoly game. You can set it up so you choose your job or it is randomly assigned to the players. The job you get will affect various elements throughout the game. The jobs offered are mayor, surfer, developer, artist, and police chief.

Each player starts the game with a whooping $2.5 million so you can play like you are a millionaire tycoon. The types of property you buy with Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game aren’t cheap! There is a story line that goes along with each job too and that helps to create the tropical setting for the game. As with the regular game of Monopoly you will be trying to buy property. Instead of buying houses and hotels though you will be buying beach houses and resorts.

The Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD Game takes it even further though. You can also buy casinos, restaurants, large parks, and piers. There are different things that can occur with each type of them. For example luck has to be on your side when you buy casinos. Sometimes you will make money but other times you have to pay out money to other players.

When you own restaurants you may make money if people come to dine at them. Other times though you will lose money and not make any profits. That is the reality of any restaurant out there around the world! With the parks, you may lose money too if they get damaged or if the weather is bad. For the piers the weather and if there are large cruise ships there or not will affect if you make or lose money.

The board of the DVD game looks very similar to that of a real Monopoly game board. You will find that the Community Chest and Chance elements have changed though. When a player lands on these areas they will be told what to do by the game. There aren’t cards to read, and it is unpredictable due to the wide assortment of things that could be presented.

The environment is presented in a good light during this version of Monopoly too. They include the water company and the solar energy company. During the playing of the Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game, there is fortune tokens accumulated. The goal is to get as many of them as you can because that is what determines the winner – not how much money you have or which properties you happen to own.

There are many ways you can go about getting those fortune tokens during the game of Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game. For example when you roll doubles you will earn one. Each time you buy a property you will get one of them. Part of your overall strategy has to be to earn as many of them as you can. Knowing when you are eligible for them is part of making such a strategy work.

While winning Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game does take some skill and strategy, a great deal of it is up to chance. It all comes down to the roll of the dice and what results you get as you play. The more you play the game though the better your overall strategy for handling the variables will become.

The reviews are very good for the Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game. This version of Monopoly is one that you will enjoy playing often. It is best when you have at least three players and up to five people can play the game at a time. This is an affordable Monopoly version and one that you will have a great time playing.